More Pro-Israel Voices Publicizing False Claims about Israel’s Judicial Reform

by Avi Abelow

The facts are clear. This judicial reform is about strengthening Israeli democracy after former Chief Justice Barak’s judicial activist coup 30 years ago. After decades of a judicial dictatorship, Israel’s government is finally working to return checks and balances between the three branches of government to strengthen Israel’s democracy, not weaken it,.

Yet, more pro-Israel voices are falsely claiming that the judicial reform will ‘destroy Israeli democracy and endanger Israel.’

Famous Israeli actress, and active advocate for Israel in the media and around the world, Noa Tishby is one of the latest to use her name to create panic and division: the judicial reform is “not a reform, but a coup”. Tishby said that the laws create a “danger to the national security of the State of Israel.”

Let me make this as clear as day. The judicial reform is not a coup, it is a clearly articulated legal process for all to see, understand and follow as passed into law. It is trying to undue the undemocratic coup that former Chief Justice Aharon Barak did 30 years ago, turning basic laws into a quasi-constitution that then allowed him to implement a judicial activism that today allows the legal system to basically run the country without any checks and balances!

How so?

Here are some high level examples:

1. Politicians make an appointment the legal system disagrees with? The appointment is canceled.

2. Politicians fire someone? The legal system freezes the termination.

3. A right-wing elected government wants to pass laws that the activist-leftist judicial system disagrees with? The legal system kills the bill before during the legislative process or has the Supreme Court annul the law.

4. A left-wing elected government makes an international decision without Knesset approval even though according to law it requires Knesset approval? The legal establishment approved the deal without problems.

5. Terror-supporters forbidden from serving in Israel’s parliament according to Israeli law? The Supreme Court allows those terror-supporters to serve in Israel’s parliament.

Those are just a few of the many examples.

Please, understand. The judicial reform is about implementing checks and balances between the three branches of government in order to strengthen Israeli democracy and return the legal system to how it used to be before Barack’s anti-democratic judicial coup in the 1990s.

All this talk about the judicial reform destroying Israeli democracy is lies and misinformation by a leftist leadership going crazy that they lost the elections and they are about to lose the one base of power that allows them to run the country even when they lose elections. It is these leftist leaders who are destroying democracy and acting in a very undemocratic fashion.

The time to undue the judicial coup from the 90s has come. Do not let the lies and misinformation scare you.

The judicial reform is good and necessary to strengthen Israel’s democracy and end the undemocratic power grab of the political left via the justice system.

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