It is Never too Late to Wake Up to the Truth about the Covid Vaccine

by Avi Abelow

I have a close friend in Israel, married and father to a number of kids, who thought I was absolutely crazy for warning people about the medical solution pushed upon all of humanity over the past few years.

Little by little he started to listen to what I was saying as he himself became bothered seeing all the reputable doctors and scientists that I was sharing from Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, etc who were totally being censored for voicing their expert opinions on existing medical treatments and warning against the experimental medical intervention as well. The censorship bothered him. It didn’t make sense. But, that wasn’t enough to stop him from having his family get the medical intervention due to the atmosphere of fear that we were living through. He still thought I was crazy.

Today he confided in me that I was right, as he now knows so many people here in Israel dying suddenly, including relatively young people.

Thankfully, he and his family stopped after the first two.

I tried so hard to share factual, scientific, censored information to wake people up as much as I could.

People ask me why I continued to be vocal, since it totally harmed my Israel-truth operation, bringing censorship upon me and our operation even more, and “tarnished” my own name, with so many people and organizations no longer wanting to associate with me.

One person actually pleaded with me to stop, telling me that it totally harmed all the important work for Israel and the Jewish people that I do, which is so needed. He himself personally knows many people who stopped listening to me on Israel issues because of my being vocal about the medical insanity and deception we were all experiencing.

But I couldn’t stop, I wouldn’t stop and I still will not stop because I was and still am trying to save lives. It’s that simple.

פיקוח נפש דוחה הכל.

Besides that, the Geulah is going to come as more people wake up to the world of lies that surround us and instead stick with truly following HaShem and our G-d-given common sense.

The Western world of “Experts” is being exposed for the deception that it is, with hidden motives that have nothing to do with “the greater good”.

While scary to internalize, it is actually a very good thing because it is ushering in a beautiful, enriching world of spirituality that so many of us are all so lacking in today’s modern world.

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