The antisemite who thought he was Jesus

by Eunice G Pollack

What did the New York City Council know before creating “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Way”?

(JNS) The New York City Council recently voted to name a street “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Way.” Illinois taxpayers are generously funding the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad. But how much did those who chose to honor Elijah Muhammad—who led the Nation of Islam (NOI) from 1934 to 1975—know about him?

Elijah Muhammad was often introduced as “the smartest black man in America.” Although he had only finished third grade, he was taught for three years and four months by W. Fard Muhammad, who confided that he was “Allah in human form” and had just come to Detroit from Mecca. (In truth, he had come from San Quentin Prison in California.) Fard convinced Elijah that he not only “spoke 16 languages” but had “extracted the language of the people on Mars.”

It was Fard who taught Elijah that Judaism is “a dirty religion” because from the moment the Jews “received the Divine Scriptures”—written in Arabic, he maintained—“they started tampering with its truth” and converted it into “the graveyard of my poor people (the so-called Negroes)” of America, who are the real “Chosen People of God,” the true “Lost Sheep of the Bible.”

Quoting Fard, “Allah Himself,” Elijah Muhammad taught that the Jews had converted the Bible into “THE POISON BOOK.” Jacob, progenitor of the “white Jews,” was the namesake of Yacub, the evil scientist who made the “white devil race” 6,600 years ago. Thus, Elijah explained, the god of “the black nation and the white race … is not the same.” The god of the white race, he proclaimed, is Satan. Fortunately, Fard taught—and Elijah reassured his people—the white devil race will only rule for 6,000 years.

Before making its decision, did the New York City Council know that Elijah Muhammad chose Louis Farrakhan, head of the NOI from 1977 to the present, as “his first and only National Representative”? He had designated Malcolm X, NOI member from 1952 to March 1964—namesake of the intersecting Malcolm X Boulevard—merely as his “spokesman.” Thus, it is only Farrakhan who was and remains Elijah’s “voice.”

As Farrakhan explained, “So when I’ve been talking to you, he’s talking.” Indeed, Farrakhan was irate when the press reported that in a June 1984 radio address, he screamed that Israel was “using the name of God to shield your gutter religion,” instead of “dirty religion,” Elijah’s term.

Farrakhan elaborated that God “made me to stand with Elijah like Aaron stood with Moses,” which is why “I’ve got weight with God.” In short, naming a street after Elijah Muhammad is naming it for Farrakhan as well.

City councilors and Illinois taxpayers should also be informed that Elijah remains “physically alive.” Farrakhan learned that, in 1975, Elijah “avoided a death plot and the angels came and got him.” They then brought Elijah to the “Great Wheel”—the Wheel, the NOI teaches, of the prophet Ezekiel’s vision—now hovering 40 miles “above America.” In Sept. 1985, Farrakhan visited Elijah on the Wheel. There, Elijah informed him of President Ronald Reagan’s war plans and those of the next five presidents.

The “Great Wheel”—on which Elijah currently dwells with Fard— is, moreover, the weapon that will be deployed in “the final war between God and the devil.” Elijah identified it as “the greatest military weapon ever developed in the annals of the history of Allah and man in this universe.” Within it are “1,500 bombing planes [wheels] with the most deadliest [sic] explosives.” It is these wheels, he taught, that pilots have observed “hovering over the … military bases of every nation that has nuclear weapons.”

The  wheels contain “steel drills” that explode when they “reach one mile into the earth … producing a mountain one mile high … destroying everything within a 50 square mile range.” These drills “can take America out in 12 hours.” Elijah emphasized that “America’s Number 1 to be destroyed.” To Elijah, America’s race to the moon was just a “waste [of] billions of dollars” in a futile effort to escape its destiny.

Similarly, Malcolm X explained his opposition to integration by asking why “integrate with a sinking ship? … God is about to eliminate that particular race from this Earth.”

Indeed, the destruction is coming soon. Elijah taught that although the time of the white race “expired in 1914,” it had been “given an extension … until the black man could be [spiritually] awakened out of his 6,000-year sleep.”

This extension has now expired. In 2022, Farrakhan announced, “The Final Call has been issued. … And now judgment is coming down in full.” Elijah emphasized that while “the life of the devil race was limited to 6,000 years … the Black Nations have no limitations of life on Earth.”

Despite all this, the New York City Council chose to honor Elijah Muhammad—and, by extension, Farrakhan. However, according to the teachings of W. Fard Muhammad, “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Way” should also be known as “The Most Honorable Jesus the Messiah Way.”

As Fard revealed to Elijah, “Nearly 75 percent” of the New Testament “refers to a future Jesus coming at the end of the white race’s time, to resurrect the mentally dead … so-called Negroes.”

“The Jesus of 2,000 years ago,” by contrast, was “only a prophet,” albeit one who “began teaching the Jews the religion of Islam”—supposedly, the Scriptures before the Jews falsified them. The Jews, however, “rejected him and what he taught.”

Jesus “the Great Messiah,” who was “prophesied would come, in his name, at the end of the present world,” is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad himself. His return to Earth, arm-in-arm with Allah—is imminent. He is “the Son of Man” and “the exalted Christ.”

Farrakhan has further divulged, “I am a Messiah too, because I’m an extension of the Great Messiah Elijah Muhammad.” He avowed, “I am that Jesus. … If I am not, take my life!”

These “revelations” about Jesus are significant because the narrative of the Jews’ betrayal of Jesus the prophet was central to Elijah’s teaching.

The Jews’ “every intention was on finding and killing the child Jesus,” he claimed, so Mary and her infant fled on a rented “fast camel” to safety in Cairo, where Jesus would be “schooled in his mission” to the Jews.

Elijah also revealed that Jesus and Mary were “Aboriginal Egyptians … people of the black nation,” adding that Jesus could not have been a Jew, since then “he would have been a devil.” When Jesus returned to “Jerusalem, Palestine,” walking all the way, the Jews called him “names that were so terrible, they can’t be described in writing.”

Jesus met his fate one rainy Saturday morning, when he and “about 35 people” he was teaching took cover under the awning of “a Jewish store”—open on the Sabbath, for some reason. The Jewish store owner was furious because Jesus “was causing him the loss of sales,” so the Jew “called the authorities.”

But the two Roman centurions who came were also obsessed with money, so one “plunged his sword” into Jesus’s heart because the reward was “$2,500 in gold if he were brought in dead” and only “$1,500 if … alive.”

“This is the divine truth,” Elijah declared, “from the very mouth of God.”

Today, when names of buildings are being erased, portraits removed and statues torn down because the people they celebrated promoted offensive ideas, the New York City Council and the government of Illinois have chosen to honor an antisemite and black supremacist whose teachings continue to be spread “to every nook and cranny in the USA” by America’s leading antisemite.

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