The Claims of the Political Left Against the Judicial Reform are Wrong, Again

by Avi Abelow

So, today, the leftist elite in Israel, together with the establishment media, are telling us that the proposed judicial reforms will destroy Israeli democracy.

Well, let’s look over some other recent political messages the leftist elite together with the media have brainwashed us with:

1. Oslo Peace Process #1:

The political left said: ‘The Oslo ‘peace’ process will bring peace.’

The right said: ‘No, arming our terrorist enemies in the heart of our ancestral homeland will bring endless war and terror, and push peace further away’

2. Oslo Peace Process #2:

The political left said: ‘We make peace with our enemies’

The right said: ‘You first must beat your enemies and only then make peace after they surrender.’

3. Gaza Disengagement #1:

The political left said: ‘This will make Israel safer’

The right said: ‘This will bring rockets on Ashkelon and Tel Aviv’

4. Gaza Disengagement #2:

The political left said (Yair Lapid): ‘This is to teach the national religious public a lesson and weaken them’

The right knew that and responded with restraint and love.

5. The Judicial Reform #1:

The political left says: ‘This will destroy Israeli democracy’

The right says: ‘Ending the friend-bring-friend Supreme Court Justice system, that has created a monolithic ideologically motivated Supreme Court majority, that has usurped the powers of the legislative and the executive branches, will rebalance and therefore strengthen Israeli democracy’

6. The Judicial Reform #2:

The political left says: ‘This is really about protecting right-wing politicians’.

The right says: ‘This is about ending the illegal and immoral nepotism of the Supreme Court and justice system that has created multiple layers of conflicts of interests, while definitely not looking out for the interest of the public, the downtrodden or the rule of law.’

7. The Judicial Reform #3:

The political left says: ‘The public did not vote for this reform, this is undemocratic’

The right says: Every party in the coalition campaigned for reforming the justice system.

8. The Judicial Reform #4:

The political left says: ‘The process is being done quickly and undemocratically. Stop the process and let’s talk’

The right says: The democratic Parliamentary process is being followed to a T. The place for talks and compromises is in the parliamentary committees, like for every law. Instead of screaming and kicking like babies, sit in the committee and provide suggestions and alternative solutions to amend the law, following the process of every new law.’

In conclusion, it is clear to see that the political left, together with the establishment media, has constantly been hyperbolic and dead wrong, literally leading to the deaths of many. Maybe it’s time the public realizes that the leaders of the political left are dead wrong about today’s judicial reform issue as well. Compromises are part of politics, but leaders of the political left calling for violence and calling for IDF soldiers to disobey orders is illegal, and those leaders should be tried and jailed. They are the true danger to Israeli democracy.

By the way, did you know that employers and workers unions agreed to have workers take the day off to attend the protests yesterday? Imagine if it would have been a right-wing protest. No such permission would have been given. Do you need any other example of the stranglehold the political left still holds on the elites of Israeli society?

The elites of the political left are not leading the masses to protest against the destruction of Israeli democracy. Not at all. The Israeli elites are MISleading the masses to protest against the first time the Israeli Jewish/political-right are actually ruling to end the undemocratic rule the left has over Israeli society via the justice system. That’s the whole protest in one simple explanation.

Any questions?

Examples of Dangerous Incitement by Political Leaders on the Left

Ehud Olmert, a former prime minister with the Likud party, since aligning himself with the political left:

“We now must get to the next stage, the stage of war, and war is not waged through speeches. War is waged in a face-to-face battle, head-to-head and hand-to-hand, and that is bound to happen here,” he told a local outlet. “While it’s great to see 100,000 people turn out to protest, that’s not what will clinch the real fight. The real fight will break through these fences and spill over into a real war.”

Other opposition figures employed similar language.  

On Monday, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai drew criticism after saying at a popular protest against the reform that he believes Israel could be on the way to becoming a dictatorship, and that could only be stopped through “bloodshed.”

“Democratic countries such as ours can become dictatorships,” he said, speaking from the mass protest outside Jerusalem’s Knesset, where over 90,000 people gathered to protest. “But dictatorships can only return to be democracies through bloodshed. This is what history has taught us.”

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