The Forgotten Graves of the Holocaust Tell Us Shocking Stories

by Leah Rosenberg

Even people who know a lot about the Holocaust might not know details about the mass murder of Jews outside the death camps.

Mass Graves of the Holocaust

Six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. They were tortured, gassed, burned, shot, and more. It is difficult to stomach and to study the details and the facts, but it is crucial to fighting Holocaust denial and to honoring the victims who were so brutally killed.

What some people might not realize is how many Jews were murdered not in the camps. Almost a third of the six million Jews killed were murdered in massacres that took place in various areas outside of the death camps. We must remember these victims too. We must remember how they were murdered and what the Nazis did to them. It is horrifying and sickening. But we cannot let them be forgotten. We must tell their stories – no matter how hard it is to hear those stories.

How dare anyone try to deny the barbaric acts of the Nazis? How dare anyone try to say the Holocaust didn’t happen? It is sickening that people would deny the fact that the Nazis tried to wipe out an entire nation.

Don’t forget these Holocaust victims. Don’t forget any Holocaust victims. We must tell the world the atrocities that the Nazis and their collaborators carried out against them.

Somehow, just a relatively short time after the Holocaust ended, antisemitism is violently spreading across the world. And too many people seem to not care. Those people are sadly standing on the very wrong side of history.

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