Dave Rubin Exposed the Disturbing Truth About Disney

by Phil Schneider

The new “proud family” on the Disney Channel is all about anti-white racist woke propaganda. The new ideas of woke are no longer a fringe element that are now more readily available. Today, it is in front of tens of millions of children all across the world under the guise of entertainment. It’s time to be super careful about what our children watch. The tube has gone from a bit problematic to completely berserk.

During the Super Bowl, the Disney commercial celebrating their 100th year displayed beautifully what Disney has been about over its first 100 years. But they shield all of the woke garbage that Disney is filled with today. But today, Disney is all about challenging the existing culture.

Many woke employees today in hi-tech companies and the entertainment industry are diversity executives with enormous power. They have been given the control by their CEO’s to make sure that woke ideas permeate across the entire entertainment industry.

Today, Disney has met it’s match and his name is Ron DeSantis. Tax breaks, self-governance, and other things have basically turned Disney into a massive fiefdom. Nobody thought that Ron DeSantis would do it, but he is attacking Disney’s woke culture due to to Disney’s sharp woke turn.

The cultural battle is here. Whoever thinks that giant corporations that live based on massive subscriptions will not have to deal with the consequences of their woke propaganda will have to look at Disney. They are in the midst of losing massive numbers of subscribers for good reason. The world is a changin….

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