If You Want to Truly Understand the Protest Movement Against the Judicial Reform

by Avi Abelow

The political left is out in the streets in Israel protesting, again, for around 10 weeks already.

These protestors are being told that they need to protest in order to protect democracy. In reality, these protests are actually about destroying Israeli democracy, the exact opposite of what they are being told to believe.

Anyone who understands Israel’s political system and the judicial system understands that it’s the political left in Israel that has used the judicial system to stop Israeli democracy, and ensure that the policies supported by the proud Jewish Israeli majority do not get implemented. They have been doing that for decades.

If you want to truly understand this protest movement, do not rely on the establishment media sources in the Jewish/Israeli news space. They are not providing the truth about the actual judicial reform or about the protest. Unfortunately, they are just the mouthpieces of the same leftist agenda. How do I know? Let’s take a look…

Before the Oslo Accords back in the early 1990s, the worst terror attacks were stoning attacks. Many of us here in Israel warned that the Oslo Accords, giving weapons to the worst arch-terrorist Yassar Arafat and his terrorists was a huge dangerous mistake, was extremely dangerous for Israel and the Jewish people. However, the majority of Jews abroad weren’t worried about the Oslo Accords because Jewish leaders and the Jewish/Israeli media told them it was good.

Many of us here in Israel warned that the destruction of all 21 Jewish communities in the Gaza strip while expelling close to 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza, would be a huge and dangerous mistake, leading to rockets being shot at all of Israel from Gaza. We screamed at the top of our lungs that the Gaza expulsion plan of 2005 was dangerous for Israel and the Jewish people. However, the majority of Jewish people abroad weren’t worried because Jewish leaders and Jewish media told them it was good.

I could go on with more examples over the years. But I will save you the time and just fast forward to today.

Today, Jews in Israel and abroad are afraid of the judicial reform because that’s what they are being told by Jewish leaders and Jewish media.

I believe these examples highlight where the problem lies. It’s not the reform, it’s what all the “experts” in the Jewish world and the media are telling us all to believe, day after day, headline after headline.

We have been through much worse and Am Yisrael will get through this failure of Jewish leadership and Jewish media as well.

I have faith in the Jewish people and in the one above.

Oh, and finally, the people protesting actually represent a tiny minority of the Israeli population, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to the reports in the media. The media reports upon it as if they are a majority or half of the country. They aren’t.

Most Israeli Jews feel united as a people, part of the Jewish people, despite our ideological/political differences.

While, the leaders of the protest movement identify more with the global, ideological left than they identify as part of the Jewish collective.

That is why they threaten to refuse to serve in the IDF, threaten to pull their money/companies out of Israel, to harm the economy and even threaten to leave Israel for good.

Those people don’t represent Jews, proud to be part of the Jewish people.

To understand further…

Today’s Judicial Reform is about Saving Israeli Democracy from the Political Left

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