Attempted Terror Attack In Hebron – Terrorist Neutralizes Himself

by Micha Gefen

An attempted terror attack on the Jewish community in Hebron ended when the terrorist’s bomb blew up in the attacker’s hands before he was able to deliver it.

While much of the attention over the last week and half of fighting has been focused on Israel and Gaza as well as riots in mixed Jewish and Arab cities in pre-1967 Israel, Hebron and other areas of Judea and Samaria have seen an uptick in violence.

From arson attacks along community fences to rock throwing on roads, Judea and Samaria has had to contend with more and more Arab violence. The attack today in Hebron is one of many on the ancients city over the past few days. All of them have ended in the terrorist having been neutralized. In general the IDF called up more soldiers to strengthen its presence in Judea and Samaria. From extra patrols to elite drone units, commanders in Judea and Samaria have begin to take the Arab threat against Jewish communities seriously.

Arsonists have been seen using balloons to attack Jewish communities by setting them ablaze as well as direct attacks using fire on community security fencing. IDF drone units help locate potential arsonists well before they reach their targets.

As riots and rockets continue with only momentary lulls, the IDF is hoping its heavy hand to Arab violence in Judea and Samaria will deter another front from opening up. However, with a Day of Rage scheduled today along the main artery running north/south through Judea and Samaria, the current tacts may not be enough.

Dr. Risch

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