Surprise IDF attack in Gaza destroys Hamas elite unit

by Leah Rosenberg

This was a brilliant retaliation. G-d was clearly helping the IDF strike Gaza here. What an operation this was!

IDF Hits Gaza Hard, Destroying Hamas Terrorists

The IDF destroyed kilometers of Hamas terror tunnels and killed Hamas terrorists. They tricked Hamas. The IDF used the media to deceive Hamas. It was brilliant. The media is constantly working against Israel. News reporters lie about the Jewish state and the IDF and twist the story. And now, Israel used the media to its advantage. And the result was a perfect operation. Richard Kemp, a former British Army officer who served from 1977-2006, explains what happened. As an infantry battalion commanding officer, and a man who also served in Afghanistan, Kemp knows war. He knows terrorism from up close. And he always defends Israel because he knows which side is right and which side is wrong. He knows which side is moral and which side is not.

If terrorists were firing thousands of rockets at innocent civilians in any other country, you would hope the government would respond harshly and destroy whoever was sending those rockets. Why does Israel have to be treated any differently? Why is there a double standard? Hamas sends rockets. Innocent Israelis have been injured – not only physically, but they are traumatized emotionally. Innocent people have been killed. And yet, the news reports the people in Gaza who have been killed rather than the Israelis. Why have those Gazans been killed? Because Hamas doesn’t defend them. Hamas uses human shields. This terrorist organization has even had its own rockets fall inside Gaza, and they don’t care. Human life is not of value to them. It’s time the world starts realizing the truth.

Arab Incitement
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