Hamas Rocket War Over Israel Looks More Like Star Wars than Real Life

by Phil Schneider

The skies of a large part of Israel are filled with explosions. To say that it appears like a Star Wars scene above the skies of Israeli cities and towns is not an exaggeration – it is the reality. But Israel has developed – along with the United States – capabilities to shoot down many of the rockets via the Iron Dome technology. Like many other technological feats, it is far from perfect, but it has proven very effective at stopping more than 90% of the missiles launched at Israel from hitting civilian populations and Army soldiers.

There is one reason for the violence in the State of Israel – a violent and racist hatred of Jews from the Muslims who live in and around the State of Israel. Don’t let CNN or BBC reporters fool you. They will claim endlessly that the heart of the conflict is about the so-called “palestinian” issue. But anybody who has studied the history of the State of Israel knows that Israel was being bombed and attacked way before there was ever any form of a national claim by a group of Arabs to the area that is now the State of Israel. Arabs in the Land of Israel sided with The Nazis in World War II and conspired to kill as many Americans and British soldiers as possible. The anti-Israel Arabs are doing the same thing today. What has changed is that some countries like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken major steps forward to not antagonize Israel, but to do business with it. Jordan and Saudi Arabia have also largely followed suit, albeit more quietly. But, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Hamas in Gaza are sworn enemies of everything in the West and everything Jewish. They really are no different than the Mufti in World War II who called on Hitler and the Nazis to annihilate the Jews in the Land of Israel too. This is not mere theory. It is the Hamas charter. They are proud to say so. B

Today, the tide has turned. The Israeli people no longer fight with passports and turn the other cheek. They develop weapons that blow the enemies munitions out of the sky and then use precision weapons that destroy the enemy while they are cowering in a terror tunnel planning their nefarious evil designs. Anybody today who can see hundreds of missiles in the skies of Israel and still think that it is Israel’s fault that Israel is being attacked is nothing less than a racist who wants to see the Jewish people driven out into the sea. Forget about it. Israel is not just here to stay. It gets stronger and stronger from year to year.

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