Famous Jewish singer performs moving tribute for the 45 Jews who perished in Meron

by Leah Rosenberg

From the poor to the rich; the simple Jew to the famous Jewish singer, we all felt the pain of the Meron tragedy.

Jewish Singer Sings Tribute for Meron Tragedy Victims

Yaakov Shwekey is a famous Jewish singer. He is one of the most well known singers in the Jewish world. He is also a human being with friends, family, and emotions. One of his friends was killed in the tragedy in Meron. This song is a tribute to his friend Yossi Kohn as well as the 44 other souls that perished. There are still people who were injured in Israel’s worst civilian tragedy in history who are fighting for their lives.

Listening to this really brings up the emotions that many have felt with this tragedy. Shwekey is singing the words from King David’s Psalms. In Psalm 22 verses 2 and 3, King David cries out to G-d: “My G-d, my G-d, why have You forsaken me? [You are] far from my salvation [and] from the words of my moaning. My God, I call out by day and You do not reply, and at night I do not keep silent” (Translation courtesy of Chabad.org).

In Judaism, we ask questions. We wonder where G-d is sometimes – although we know He is always controlling the world and everything that happens in it. But sometimes we feel lost and empty. Sometimes we feel hurt and heartbroken. And when that happens, the only thing to do is cry out to G-d. G-d wants to hear our prayers, even if all we can manage sometimes is our tears and a broken heart.

And right now, G-d, that seems to be all we can manage.

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