Hezbollah Fires 6 Rockets At Israel, IDF Retaliates

by Gavriel Dan

A second front against Israel appears to be opening as Hezbollah fires 6 rockets at Israel’s northern border. The IDF returned fire after the 6 projectiles landed on Lebanon’s side of the border.

As the war with Hamas drags on, Hezbollah is beginning to make its move against the Jewish State. With the firing of 6 rockets at Israel’s northern border, the Iranian backed group appears like it is first testing the waters before it jumps in.

The possibility of a two-front war is one of the main reasons why Prime Minister Netanyahu has yet to order a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. The IDF is trying not to overreact to the attack from Hezbollah as to not give th terror group a reason for entering.

Before today’s attack, Hezbollah had fired 3 rockets towards Shlomi, a village in the north-west of Israel. All missed their mark as well.

With Biden beginning to force Israel into a ceasefire and many in the world looking to push Israel into a quarter, Netanyahu does not have a lot of time to make a final crushing blow to Hamas in Gaza. However, that requires a real land invasion and as mentioned above a land invasion in Gaza, would weaken Israel’s ability to deter an attack by Hezbollah from Lebanese territory.

Israel might be gaining the upper hand against Hamas in this round, but Hezbollah has them where it wants them.

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