White House Press Secretary Avoids Promising Additional Assistance To Israel

by Gavriel Dan

Jen Psaki, the White Press Secretary avoided answering a question on whether or not the US will replenish Iron Dome munitions in a press briefing on Saturday.

While Psaki reiterated America’s long standing relationship with, her non committal for further munitions to the Iron Dome is disconcerting since it has kept a majority of rockets from hitting populated centers, thus cutting down on civilian deaths.

Despite large parts of the Democratic party attacking Israel as committing genocide, the US has surprisingly kept up its public support of Israel during the current round of fighting. This may be in large part due to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s connections with the old guard of the Democrat establishment. However, as the conflict drags on this may change as the more radical elements within the Democrats begin to push against the policies of the moderates.

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