Rockets Rain Down On Israel Over Shabbat – One Man Killed

by Micha Gefen

Israel’s war with Hamas continued over Shabbat as hundreds of rockets rained down on Israel. One man was killed from a direct hit on Ramat Gan.

As Israel steps up its targeted attacks on Hamas-run Gaza, the terror group appears to still have enough rockets to continuously attack Israel. From suicide drones to rockets that can reach Tel Aviv, Hamas kept most of Israel running into bomb shelters over Shabbat.

Despite the pounding, Israel was able to severely damage Hamas’ rocket making ability and destroy hundreds of Hamas fighters after the IDF tricked them into thinking Israel had sent ground troops into Gaza. The fighters ran and gathered underground only to be bombed by Israel. Within less than one week, Israel has succeeded in eliminating more than 130 Hamas terrorists and weakened much of the massive terrorist infrastructure that the Hamas has built up in the Gaza Strip. The Army Spokesperson’s Office claimed that Israel destroyed more than 40 rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip with pinpoint precision bombs.

Netanyahu has stated that the current operation will last weeks. So far it appears he may be right.

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