Hamas Launches Suicide Drones At Israel

by Phil Schneider

Hamas has now upped its game and started launch suicide drones at southern Israel. Drones are a relatively new addition to the military battlefield. There is good reason to assume that they will be an integral part of future military confrontations. But Israel is prepared for this as well.

Hamas may have launched well over a thousand rockets at the Israel from the beginning of the current conflict with Israel, but the suicide drone is a new weapon that was used to catch Israel off guard. Thankfully, the IDF saw it and destroyed it.

In recent years, the importance of unmanned aircraft has grown in importance. Obviously, the main advantage that these weapons bring is the protection of the lives of soldiers. Israel is far ahead of it’s foes in this category. But the Hamas has been experimenting with more and more tactics that sow terror among Israeli civilians.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been running into bomb shelters or have just been living inside of them. There indeed is a major humanitarian issue today that the Hamas has created against innocent Israelis. This is the main issue at hand today. Israel has the know-how and firepower to destroy the missile launchers and drones that are sent from the Gaza Strip into Israeli cities and towns. No reasonable sovereign country could ever be expected to NOT destroy missile launching pads that are used to terrorize it’s citizens.

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