Arab Muslim Mob Attack Jew in Midtown Manhattan

by Avi Abelow

I honestly do not have the details about this event. You see what we all see, a Jew harassed and injured by a mob, including Arab Muslims, in the center of New York City screaming “Alluh Akhbar” and other curses. The policemen are whisking him away to try to protect him, even though they are doing little to stop the mob. It looks like this took place outside the Midtown Manhattan library in the center of New York City. We have been told that this took place just yesterday.

It is important for people to understand that this is directly connected to the violent war Hamas and many Israeli Arab Muslims have launched against Israel. Hamas has launched thousands of missiles on innocent Israelis while Arab Muslims have scorched Jewish synagogues, lynched neighboring Jews and shot at neighbors in joint Jewish/Muslim Israeli cities. Meanwhile, antisemitism is spreading around the world as well – all in the name of standing up for the fake cause called “palestine.”

Please, everyone understand. This is not a new conflict of 2021. The outburst of violence and venom we are witnessing is the continuation of the 1948 Independence War that is now in its 74th year. That war never ended! Many Arab Muslim Israelis are taking part in this war today.

They forget that the reason they are Israeli citizens is because their grandparents were blessed to stay put and trust the Jews after we won the 1948 war. All those who became Arab “refugees” after the 1948 war, were the ones who listened to the Arab Muslim leaders who told them to leave their homes in order to allow the Arab Muslim armies and militias to come in and massacre all the Jews.

They did not learn the lesson that those who bless the Jews are blessed and those who curse the Jews are cursed. So, today, many Israeli Arab Muslim citizens have decided to join their Muslim brethren in Gaza in order to try to kill Jews and destroy Israel from within Israel. And their brethren abroad, like the ones in the video from New York City, are joining the fight as well against innocent Jews abroad.

Make no mistake, our enemies will LOSE!

Just like pre-1948 our Muslim neighbors failed in massacring us and stopping the Jewish State of Israel – so too today! Am Yisrael Chai!!! And to all my brothers and sisters abroad, this war might come to your community as well!

This is just one video of one incident, but already there are many. Thanks to the massive anti-Israel campaign across the world, with social media, our enemies are everywhere and might do bad things to Jews anywhere. This is pure antisemitism. The cause called “Palestine” is the biggest case of antisemitism that exists today. It’s not about the “occupation,” or the “settlements” or the Temple Mount. It’s about killing Jews and destroying Israel.

But understand, we will win! Why, because we have to! If Israel is gone we are not safe anywhere. I repeat, WE WILL WIN!

Stay safe and help us wake people up to the truth of our situation, to this “conflict”, which is not a conflict but the modern manifestation of Antisemitism to murder Jews, regardless if they are religious, secular, right-wing, left-wing etc.


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