“Palestinian” Arabs See A Weak Biden And Have Decided To Attack

by David Mark

The current gamble by both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to use organized violence on the streets of Israel, as well as barrages of unprecedented rocket fire on two-thirds of the Jewish State in order force the Biden administration to pressure Israel, may be backfiring.

The accepted narrative in Western media and governments is that the current round of violence was sparked by the potential eviction of four families of arab squatters in the Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem, renamed “Sheik Jarrah” when the Jordanian army expelled the indigenous Jewish population in 1948. Another reason given, is the legal purchase of two large buildings in the Shiloach neighborhood of Jerusalem, also renamed Silwan when arab rioters expelled the indigenous Jews in the late 1930s. The final reason peddled to Western audiences for the current uprising and missile attacks is Israel’s police “storming” the Temple Mount, which as video shows only occurred because arabs used the holy site as a staging ground for attacks.

All of three of the above have been cleverly used by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority as pretext in their current struggle against the Jewish people. While the leftist media around the world has repeated the above reasons, the real reason for the current round of violence is that the Biden team early on had decided to renew financial help to the flailing Palestinian Authority and at the same time called for a return to the two state solution. On top of that, the Biden administration has all but laid the groundwork for reestablishing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran on even better terms. The enemies of Israel in Gaza and within the country see a weak US president willing to sell out traditional US allies to the Iranian regime. When there is weakness they will take advantage.

At the end of the day, as IDF troops amass on the border of Israel and Gaza, Hamas may have underestimated the drive that Netanyahu has to make them bleed. True, the US administration is unfriendly and some would say antagonistic, but Biden can ill afford to lose Israel as an ally going forward. The US administration right now, may not like what Israel is doing, but it knows that there is still enough pro-Israel sentiment out there to cushion the Jewish state from a reversal in American support.

Of course that can change.

With younger voices beginning to actively mobilize in America against the Jewish State, now may be one of the last opportunities Israel may have to crush Hamas once and for all.

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