The IDF just Revealed its Secret Weapon in One Minute

by Leah Rosenberg

The IDF is different than armies throughout the world. They literally defend the land that they walk on. They stand guard for their own home.

The IDF’s Secret to Success

No, the IDF is not successful because of its numbers. After all, if you combine all of Israel’s enemies, Israel is way outnumbered. And no, they do not succeed because of their physical strength. The IDF succeeds because they are G-d’s nation. They succeed because they stand united and look toward a better future. They always look forward instead of backward. Jews remember their past, but they do not dwell in it preventing them from moving toward a goal.

These young Israeli soldiers are just people. Many are still in their teens. And yet, they give everything to defend the Jewish homeland. They defend their nation with a strength that goes far beyond the physical strength of a human. It’s an internal and eternal strength that is in the DNA of the Jewish people.

Surrounded by neighbors that want it obliterated, Israel defies all odds. And not only do its neighbors want to destroy the one and only Jewish state, but much of the world is against Israel as well. Many college campuses are filled with haters. Social media is flooded with lies that demonize Israel. The United Nations condemns Israel while letting barbaric regimes continue killing their own people.

And yet, despite all the hate, Israel continues to be a shining star that has the most moral army in the entire world.

Col. Kemp

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