Why Israeli Soldiers Risk Everything to Defend the Jewish People

by Leah Rosenberg

There is something about the spirit of Israeli soldiers that is unreal. They are superhuman. Take a look at this video.

Israeli Soldiers Have a Spirit that Can’t be Broken

If you didn’t know that Israeli soldiers were real, you would think they are comic book superheroes. Their inner strength is unbeatable. Forget about the fact that Israel is considered one of the strongest armies in the world in terms of its technology and weaponry. It is the soldiers that have a spirit that cannot be broken. Listening to this one soldier speak about defending the Jewish people and the Jewish state can uplift even the most downtrodden.

This video is a reminder to never lose hope. It is soldiers like the one in this video that bring more G-dliness into the world. It is soldiers like the one in this video that uplift the Jewish people as a whole and make them feel protected.

When you are fighting for your people with thousands of years of history on your back; when you are fighting for your ancient homeland that your forefathers walked upon; when you are fighting for peace; your strength becomes superhuman. It is the only way that one can explain how the IDF is so strong. The fact that they constantly have to work their physical, emotional, and spiritual muscles requires something beyond human nature.

We must thank these young men and women for risking everything to fight for the Jewish people; to fight for safety and peace.

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