Ted Cruz takes down CNN in an explosive interview

by Leah Rosenberg

Ted Cruz really kept his cool as the CNN reporter tried to mislead the public. It is such a shame that the mainstream media no longer shares the news.

Ted Cruz Destroyed CNN

Ted Cruz called out CNN in a way that made CNN speechless. There are so many things that are wrong about the interview on CNN’s part.

They disrespected the president, Cruz, and really, all of America. They misled viewers. They lied. But sadly, this is not the first time nor will it be the last. Chris Cuomo continuously interrupted Cruz. That seems to be the signature move of the far Left. If you represent a different side politically, you cannot get a word in. There will be no conversation. It will just turn into a one-sided yelling match.

Hating on Trump

Everything has turned into an excuse to hate on President Trump. No matter what President Trump says or does, the Left finds a way to tear him apart. The media ignores the truth and the facts about what Trump actually says and does. They skew reality and turn everything against the president. He just can’t win with them.

The media has been defending Joe Biden, despite the facts. And they badmouth Trump, despite the facts.

So what don’t they care about? The facts. The truth.

And this interview shows that once again. It even turned into Cuomo slamming Ted Cruz. Is that what he called him on the show to do? This is truly absurd.

Will the mainstream media ever care about journalism again? Will they ever care to share the truth with Americans instead of creating a false narrative? It is painful to see how many people are being mislead. It is painful to see what is happening in America, the media being responsible for a large part of it. When will it end?


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