CNN and MSNBC just lost whatever honesty they had left

by Leah Rosenberg

CNN and MSNBC have gone mad. It is not about politics and policies anymore. This is just about ridiculing the President and those who agree with him.

CNN and MSNBC Need to Self-Reflect

CNN and MSNBC – have you forgotten what news and journalism is all about? Have you forgotten how to be honest with the American people? The bias is sickening. These “sources” are persuading the minds of the young (and the old) with hate and with lies.

And they are almost getting away with it. The examples in this video are not the only examples of the extreme and disturbing bias of these “news sources.” It is not the first time that the media has mislead Americans.

Honestly, it must stop. We can all agree to disagree. But attacking someone as a person, regardless of their policies, is just wrong. Asking the president of the United States if Obama bothers him because the former president is “better looking” or “better educated” is childish. It is not “news.” If CNN is supposed to be a news source, they just lost their credibility. Can these so-called “newscasters” actually look at themselves at the end of the day and be proud of the lies they shared and the hate they spread across America?

They Can’t Acknowledge the Good

It is true – President Trump is not always right. He does not only do good. He makes mistakes, as do most humans…

But the problem is that even when President Trump DOES do something good, the media cannot acknowledge it. They refuse to recognize that good can come from someone they disagree with. And that is a major issue – not only in the media and politics, but that is an issue of character. We all have character flaws. But we don’t all broadcast to millions of viewers who are being damaged by our actions.

CNN and MSNBC – your job is to share the news. Your job is not to slam the current president and talk about Obama’s “looks” and “education.” And if you can’t manage to do that, then maybe you are in the wrong profession.

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