Two liberals condemn the media for anti-Trump bias

by Phil Schneider

The media world in the United States of America seems to be completely split into two categories. Those who are for President Trump and those who are against him. What is sorely lacking in today’s hypersensitive media culture is a focus on the truth. Andrew Klavan is right in noting that the problem in today’s day and age is that the press has made themselves the story. But this is not just about the press – it is also about President Trump himself.

The largely progressive anti-Trump press is unfortunately all caught up in either pro or anti-Trump attitudes. Meaning, the issue seems to never be the issue at hand – but whether or not it helps or harms Donald J. Trump. These two liberals are right – Bill Maher and Matt Taibbi truly get it.

So, in today’s culture, we need to see through the noise in order to figure out what is really going on here. For example, should Donald Trump be praised for keeping the number of fatalities down or should he be censured for the very high number of fatalities in the pandemic? Well, that is not the point. The point is whether or not we are doing the right things now to save more lives and have we learned from any mistakes as we go forward. But instead of focusing on saving lives, the focus for the press is on making sure that 2020 is not a repeat of 2016. As for President Trump, he also is so singularly focused on winning reelection that he cannot properly lead the United States to focus on the issues at hand. In nearly every press conference, President Trump’s complaints about the press dominate the focus, instead of him being a true leader during the time of the pandemic. President Trump can use his twitter feed to fight back against the press with short zingers. He has so many opportunities to show leadership on prime time during this pandemic. Instead, he rarely shows empathy nor leads with a fact-based policy. He has convinced the American people that he is either right or wrong and that the press is either evil or right. But, the 40-45% that opposed him beforehand despise him and his policies even more now. The media – and the President – are the problem today. We need more free speech from the press and more leadership that doesn’t fixate and obsess on the press. Andrew Klavan is right for praising these 2 liberal commentators.

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