The rescue mission that went down as one of the greatest in Israel’s history

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s history, and all of Jewish history, is filled with miracles. Since the state of Israel was founded, there have been many “wow” moments.

Proof of G-d in Israel’s History

If you want proof of G-d, just take a look at Israel’s history. Do your research on the Jewish people. There is no other explanation for the survival and the thriving of the Jewish nation other than G-d. Miracle after miracle.

Astonishing missions like the saving of the passengers on Sabena 571 are not just successful for no reason. G-d clearly is watching over the Jewish people. It makes no sense that Israel comes out victorious in these seemingly impossible missions.

And then there are the wars. How has Israel overcome its enemies in war after war? They have been fewer in numbers and weapons, yet they won. It seemed impossible, but Israel was not destroyed despite all the times the world thought it would be.

Israel Values Life

Israel and the Jewish people value life. That is one of the major differences between Israel and her enemies. Israel’s enemies will kill a Jew at any opportunity they have. Israel will save a life, even of its enemy, at any opportunity they have. It is that simple.

The IDF and a special security unit put their lives on the line to save the lives of those 100 passengers on flight 571, because the life of even one person is valuable. If only Israel’s enemies understood that, maybe the Middle East would look a little bit different.

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