WUHAN HIT AGAIN: New Coronavirus Cases In Multiple Chinese Cities

by David Mark

While China continues to try to cover up its part in the spread of the coronavirus, a number of cities in China, including Wuhan have now seen a rise in COVID-19 cases.

The Chinese Regime has been on a push to change the facts of how the CCP Virus or coronavirus initially spread. They have run a clever disinformation campaign alleging that the CIA initiated the spread of the virus and that they, unlike the Americans have the virus under the control.

The CCP has been hoping the reporting of fake numbers that are extraordinarily low can prove that it is the West that initiated the spread of the virus. This is why the new virus outbreaks shatter that myth that the CCP really has their act together. Furthermore, it strengthens the growing protest and whistleblower movement in mainland China.

As the war of words between the Trump Administration and the CCP continues to grow, accurate reporting of what is going on in China is extremely important.

The CCP has always relied on a well oiled propaganda machine to keep the world off-balance. Here it is even more important to the CCP that the facts are obfuscated and watered down. After all there are plenty of willing helpers in the USA and elsewhere that either fail to see the CCP for what it is or are on their payroll.

The world is entering a stormy period. As President Trump pushes back on the CCP, a fifth column in the US MSM is damaging Trump’s efforts to help rally the country to the real threat to global stability and security.

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