Staring Down Corona, Trump Upends The Healthcare Cabal

by Micha Gefen

There has been a lot of noise and “outrage” by the MSM ever since President Trump returned to the White House having beaten the worst of the coronavirus.

This faux outrage at the Presdient’s second lease on life has more to do with what he took to beat the coronavirus that his actual recovery.

For the entire time the corona pandemic has raged across the USA, President Trump has insisted that this is beatable and that doctors should use experimental drugs to do so. Well, the MSM and Democrats castigated the President.

When the President took hydroxycloriquine, he was lambasted and yet he lived. Of course the main issue wa not the drug, but the fact that Big Pharma would lose out to a simple 75 year old generic.

By taking an experimental drug like Regeneron and winning in such a short period of time, President Trump was proving once again that the biggest stumbling block to battling the coronavirus is the FDA’s in ability to break free of Big Pharma’s control.


President Trump’s victory over the coronavirus using experimental therepeutics destroys the Democrat’s fear mongering and reveals who the true enemy is in beating the Wuhan virus – the Deep State.


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