Thousands of released terrorists given salaries for not working

by Leah Rosenberg

It is good business to be a released terrorist in the Palestinian Authority. And due to weak government policies on the Israeli side, it is not so hard to become a released terrorist. Therefore, many would-be terrorists are not intimidated by being caught in the act of committing a terror act. They have little fear of being locked up for life as Israel always seems to release nearly all of it’s terrorists at some point in a prisoner exchange.

There are multiple problems with how Israel handles the terrorists that it catches in the act. First of all, more of them should probably not be caught – they should be eliminated. But as for the ones who are caught, they should be subjected to a major long-term rehabilitation program that gives them 100+ incentives to change their ways. Instead, today, most of the terrorists end up being freed prematurely and end up becoming repeat terrorists with even less fear of the Israeli security forces.

In general, prisons should become re-educational facilities with the finest social workers and psychologists. This is what is needed in all prisons. Prisons should be a place where inspiration is piped in via technology around the clock. People who are success stories after serving time should be paid well for speaking in prisons about how wonderful their life is now as opposed to the way it had been beforehand. This is not just a pipe dream – it is the way all prisons should be around the world and does not require a huge amount of resources to implement. Prisons are not merely about keeping the dangerous people off of the streets. They should be about turning people from counter-productive people to productive people. Instead, in Israel, the Palestinian Authority makes sure to give every incentive to returning terrorists and the Israeli prisons don’t do enough counter-programming.


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