Stopping Hezbollah under the sea

by Leah Rosenberg

Hezbollah is making Lebanon into a place of terrorism. It is not good for the world, the Middle East, and definitely not for Israel.

Hezbollah in Lebanon

Not only are people in Israel suffering because of Hezbollah, but people in Lebanon are suffering as well. Hezbollah is forcing the country into terrorism. They have built terror tunnels from under Lebanese houses into Israel. They are trying to attack Israelis and destroy Israel in whatever possible way. And of course, Iran is sponsoring it.

Why doesn’t the world care more? Hezbollah has violated many U.N. resolutions. If the U.N. is going to have resolutions in place, they should really hold those who violate them accountable.

Hezbollah Under the Sea

Not only is Israel forced to prepare for an attack by Hezbollah from the air and the land, but also by the sea. Israel always prepares itself. Hezbollah has tried to attack Israel by the sea in the past. So they have no choice but to prepare for any possible incursion from above and from below. The IDF wants no infiltrations. No terror. No kidnappings, injuries, or death.

Hezbollah has even tried to disguise itself as an environmental group. They are an evil organization that the world must condemn and stop. And even when the world fails to stop terrorism, Israel is always there. Sadly, they have to be. Because without Israel stopping the terrorism, the result will be complete and utter tragedy.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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