Israel Apartheid Week is coming to a college campus near you

by Leah Rosenberg

Honest Reporting has been doing a great service for decades at exposing dishonest reporting worldwide on Israel.  In this short video, they take on the “apartheid” argument against Israel.  It is a completely hollow argument that has no connection to reality.  But, it is a sticky lie.  Why?  For many reason.  First off, the idea that Jews are colonialists is an age-old anti-semitic attitude.  So the Jewish people fit the bill as the leaders of an apartheid state – that is if one is an anti-semite.  Secondly, the Arabs are very effective complainers.  So, that helps too.  But let’s take a closer look at some of the facts.

Best Place to Be an Arab

Whenever anybody says something like Israel is an “apartheid state,” they need to know the following facts.  Arabs are indeed segregated in the Middle East.  That is – in every country in the Middle East – except for Israel.  In America, Arabs certainly enjoy equal rights.  They have mosques all over the country, serve in all capacities and professions, and are free to observe their religion.  In Israel, this is the case too.

Arab Justices in Israel’s Supreme Court

However, in America, there are only a handful of Arabs in Congress and none yet in the Senate.  There are no Arabs in the Supreme Court.  In Israel, there are 15 out of 120 members of the Israeli Knesset who are Arabs or non-Jewish.  That is more than 10%.  There are Arabs who sit on Israel’s Supreme Court.  And lest anyone argue that they don’t have power, consider this.  Less than a decade ago, an Israeli Arab judge ruled that the Jewish President of the State of Israel deserved to sit in prison.  Could this ever happen in an Arab country outside of Israel?  Could a minority in Jordan or Lebanon place a leader of the majority into prison over a misdeed?

Freedom and Checkpoints

In Israel, Arabs serve in every walk of life.  They are doctors and patients in some of the world’s most advanced medical centers.  They go on vacations and travel freely. Yes, Arabs do still go through checkpoints sometimes, but so do Jews.  Until there is no terror threat, of course, Israel needs to have safeguards.  It’s the same reason there are guards in schools and college campuses.  One out of every 10,000 students may illegally carry a gun.  So, guards are there to catch that one person.  Well, in Israel, one in 1,000 Arabs usually tries to smuggle in weapons.  So, all the other 999 cars need to be checked too.

We are after 9/11.  The world is different.  We all now understand that it is better to take off one’s shoes before getting on a flight if we want to insure that we land peacefully at the end of the flight.

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