Hizbullah disguises itself as environmental group “Green Without Borders”

by Leah Rosenberg

What does an environmental group and a terrorist group have in common?  In this case, it’s not that they have the same backer.  It’s that they are one in the same!

The Hizbullah has figured out that to be associated with an environmental group is the best way to disguise one’s terrorist activities.

A Terror Base in Lebanon

It is hard to believe that in the mid 70’s, the country of Lebanon was a rather Westernized country.  It was one of the most peaceful places in the Middle East.  Lebanon did not take part in the Six Day War in 1967 or the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  It was one of the few borders of the State of Israel that was quiet for a few decades.  However, all of that changed in the late 70’s.

Lebanon became the main terror base for the PLO – the precursor to the Palestinian Authority.  Yasser Arafat set up shop there and basically built up a state within a state on Israel’s northern border.  From there, he began to wreak havoc on Israel.  Schools were attacked and kids were taken as hostages.  Road attacks near the northern border were frequent.  But most of all, they bombed Israeli towns at random and made it unbearable for 1/4 of Israel’s population.

Operation Peace for the Galilee

Prime Minister Menachem Begin led Israel to battle back in 1982.  Israel sent in it’s forces in order to clean up it’s northern border.  Israel’s Air Force bombed nearly all of the terror bases in Lebanon and set back the PLO for years.  But, then Arafat resurrected the organization into the official representative of a fake people called the”palestinians.”  The unshaven terrorist succeeded.  A significant part of the world bought into the fake nation idea.

Now, the Palestinian Authority uses all kinds of fake ruses and the Hizbullah has figured out how to disguise themselves as an environmental group.

Lying has become a standard modus operandi for terrorist groups.  It is time we unmask them for the impostors that they are.

Arab Incitement
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