President Trump speaks out about the mass murder in a Pittsburgh Synagogue

by Leah Rosenberg

Anti-semitism is growing in America. And now, Pittsburgh has been hit with a mass murder in a Synagogue on the Sabbath morning. How can such hatred exist?

Mass Murder in Pittsburgh

The Jewish people have been dealing with heinous acts of anti-semitism for centuries. Every country, every place. In 2018, the fact that such evil can exist is frightening. Pittsburgh is overcome with grief. How can a man walk into a synagogue and murder innocent Jewish souls? A coward tore apart families. He instilled fear in men, women, and children.

Sabbath morning is the holiest time of the week. And on this Sabbath morning, there was a baby naming ceremony taking place. During baby naming ceremonies in Judaism, it is a special time to pray. It is another unique opportunity to connect with God. And during this ceremony, an evil person walked in, shouted anti-semitic slurs, and murdered innocent people in a place of worship. He destroyed a time of such holiness.

Trump Outraged by the Anti-Semitism

President Trump addressed this terrible act. He is outraged by such wickedness. Trump is shocked. How such hate is still so common in this world is unimaginable. It seems never ending. It seems we never learn from the past.

The president is addressing this problem of anti-semitism because it is so present. It seems that after each incident, there is hope that maybe it will be the last. Yet there is also a sad understanding that in the world we live in, it won’t be.

We can only hope and pray that soon the day will come where God will eradicate all evil from this world.

The thoughts and prayers of so many are with Pittsburgh, the victims, and their families.

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