The United Nations Ignoring Blatant UN Violations by Lebanon

by Avi Abelow

Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch, spells out the Hizbullah’s flagrant violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. The UNSC is supposed to take up Hezbollah’s terror tunnels issue.  But we predict that the UN will do nothing today against Lebanon, Hezbollah or Iran.

“Thanks to Nikki Haley, the UN Security Council will hold a special meeting tomorrow on the newly discovered Hezbollah terror tunnels which I witnessed personally today at the Israel-Lebanon border. UN Watch today is urging the Council to send a strong message by demanding that the Government of Lebanon—and the world body’s own UNIFIL forces—implement the requirements of Resolution 1701, concretely and immediately.”

UNSC Resolution 1701

This was the United Nations Security Council resolution that ended the 2nd Lebanon War back in 2006. Hezbollah shot at an IDF patrol on the border fence and then came in and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers.  These soldiers were killed in the initial attack, but this was not initially known to Israeli officials. In response, Israel launched an operation into Lebanon, which became known as the 2nd Lebanon war. UNSC resolution 1701 was the ceasefire that set up a United Nations peacekeeping force in Southern Lebanon.  It was set up in order to stop Hezbollah from building up arms against Israel. The force was called UNIFIL. As we see today, 150,000 rockets later, and terror tunnels into Israel, the UN and UNIFIL failed.

United Nations Fail from the Start

When the UN was working on the ceasefire back in the summer of 2006, I publicized the following sentiment:

“The UN is now working on a draft resolution that will allow a multinational force to patrol South Lebanon and give Lebanon a protected country status.  That means that if any other country attacks it, the international community can then attack back.”

Basically, put together, this all means that once the multi-national forces are in South Lebanon and the Hizbullah continue to shoot rockets on Israel, Israel CANNOT defend itself.  Because, if it did, the international community would have the legal right to attack Israel. This is the ceasefire Israel will be forced to accept with the direction of the current political leadership.”

It Was Predictable

Basically, back then it was clear to me that UNSC resolution 1701 was going to be a failure, as it has proven to be.

Israel right now is putting the strategic plan in place to have as much international legitimacy as possible when it finally destroys Iran’s front-line against Israel.  Iran gave 150,000 rockets to the Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon.

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