Former Obama officials have been coaching Iran to undermine Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

Whichever political party a president is from, he should never side with the enemy to undermine a different president. But, former Obama officials did just that.

Former Obama Officials and Iran

Can you believe this? Of course every president has different political opinions. America is a democracy. That is allowed. But when it comes to “coaching” the enemy of America, that crosses every line. Former Obama officials have been helping Iran to counteract Trump’s strategy. It is almost too much to believe, but there is proof. How can they actually do such an anti-American thing like this? Iran is Iran. They are a terrorist regime. They want to build nuclear weapons and destroy America and Israel.


Will this be condemned? When Trump does anything – even when it is something good – the other side condemns him. But when Obama’s team counsels Iran against Trump, where is the condemnation? Why does the news and the mainstream media not refer to this as one of the biggest scandals?

Obama has been involved in many, many cases of shaming the United States. But no one hears about it on the news that way. From Benghazi to how he used U.S. aid money, it is all just shocking. And now this. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Even though Obama is no longer in the presidency, he and his administration are still doing damage to America and putting the American people and the world in danger. Whether you agree with President Trump’s policies or not, EVERY American should agree that Obama officials meddling with Trump’s strategy is just wrong.

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