Ben Shapiro’s priceless response to being accused of fueling hate crimes

by Phil Schneider

BuzzFeed blamed Ben Shapiro for an anti-semite who vandalized a synagogue. Yes, you heard that right. The vandal is not to blame. But an Orthodox Jew who attends synagogues is the reason why the vandal painted the insulting symbols on the synagogue. If it weren’t so sad, this would be absolutely hilarious.

Blame the Victim

There are those who say that it doesn’t matter who receives blame when a crime is done. The deed is done. Let’s move on and work on the future. This is wrong on multiple levels. If we don’t learn from past mistakes, then we are going to repeat them over and over again. This is both true on a personal, group, and national level. The perverse idea of blaming the victim is based on a crazy psychology that misplaces blame in order to deflect what truly needs to be done – namely learn from our mistakes.

Hillary Clinton famously stated in the Senate hearing on the Libyan tragedy, “What difference does it make!” She could not have been more wrong. The whole entire point of the hearing is to learn from mistakes, apportion blame, and make sure that accountability is a part of the way things work in Washington.

What Ben Shapiro does every day is basically ensure that there is accountability for what people say and do in Washington and outside of Washington. That’s why he hits back so hard on this charge. He is right. The battle for public opinion is so crucial today, and Shapiro is a major force. He should be praised for his constant work to expose and break down the sordid norms of political logic that sometimes pollute the airwaves today. Let’s keep blame where it belongs. Orthodox Jews are not the reason synagogues get defaced by anti-semites.

Blood Libel
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