Antisemitism has even come to THIS! – Why this graffiti is so terrible

by Leah Rosenberg

There have sadly been many vandalizations of Jewish owned shops and synagogues with graffiti. But what this women in Russia did shows that some have no shame.

Graffiti in Broad Daylight

True, this is not the only antisemitic act. Not in Russia. Not with graffiti. But what is so horrific about this is that this women in Russia plastered antisemitic graffiti on the building in broad daylight. She had no shame. She did not care if people saw. Actually, she clearly WANTED people to see. There was no hiding it. It is hard to fathom that antisemitism has come to this. People are not afraid to be racist in public. People should have some type of moral conscious and should be embarrassed to do something wrong while others are watching. But this act just shows that some do not even think being antisemitic is wrong. And that is just sad.

Enough is Enough

The antisemitism is too much. No place has stopped it. No country is immune. How much more antisemitism and racism can our world tolerate? How many people will choose fight back and stand up for the Jewish people, even if they themselves are not Jewish? This graffiti took place in Russia. But even America, a place where so many thought was a free and safe country, has congresswomen in the government who are targeting Israel and the Jewish people.

And enough is enough!

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