IDF Stops Hamas Missile Smuggling at Sea

by Avi Abelow

Another amazing IDF operation at sea. This time the IDF stopped Hamas trying to smuggle in missile manufacturing materials into Gaza that would have endangered many innocent Israeli lives.

The IDF arrested four people on this ship. According to a statement released by the Israel Defense Forces, the four were attempting to reach the coast of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, where they were to pick up 24 drums of fiberglass material that were to be used to build rockets. Fiberglass is forbidden in Gaza because it is known to be used to build rockets then shot at Israel

The IDF released the video above showing the operation to stop the boats, including a high-speed chase on the water off the Strip.

The four were charged with terror-related charges, including conspiring to commit murder, according to the military statement.

There was no immediate response from Hamas or Egypt.

This episode is more proof that Israel’s maritime blockade on the Gaza Strip is necessary. While Israel allows tons of materials into the Gaza strip every day, we have tight control to stop Hamas and other terror groups from building up military capabilities.

“We have clear maritime borders around the Strip,” Brig. Gen. Yuval Ayalon, who commands the southern naval area of operations, said in a statement. “The borders allow innocent fishermen to make a living, and at the same time halt attempts by terror groups threatening to harm Israeli civilians via use of the sea.”

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