Krav Maga expert defeats a knife-wielding Muslim terrorist

by Phil Schneider

What would you do if you witnessed a terrorist attack in progress. Most people would definitely turn away or run from the scene. But this man – instinctively – ran right into the eye of the storm and probably saved the lives of a few people. He knew that he may very well get stabbed, but focused on one thing – neutralize the attacker. He succeeded – big-time, and most of the battle was caught on surveillance tape.

He even made it look easy as without any weapons, took down an attacker with a knife who was in the middle of an assault. His basic message is “use anything,” and “Don’t stand idly by the blood of your brother.” This man is an inspiration to all.

The New Jew

Until the advent of the modern State of Israel, the Jewish people were barely able to defend themselves. They largely relied on others to defend them. This rarely was a good strategy – but the Jews had little choice. One of the driving forces of the early Zionist movement was the clear realization that without the Jewish people controlling their own fate, they were doomed to the whims of Cossacks and other pogroms wherever they may be.

Their were isolated cases of bravery and millions of Jewish people served in the Soviet Army, the US Army and the Armed Forces of England. However, they did not serve as defenders of a Jewish entity. They were simply Jewish soldiers of a foreign country. The bravery of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the partisan forces in the forests of Eastern Europe, and the other isolated acts of courage were the exception – not the rule. Jews were not known as fighters.

Well, all of that has changed 180 degrees. The Jews don’t just hit back. They hit back harder and smarter. The Jewish people are now a people with a land and an Army that will defend the Jewish people who are in danger wherever they may be. The raid on Entebbe in 1976, the brave soldiers who have fought back attacking Arab armies time and again – these are the new Jews. Many people have a hard time with this. They were taught that Jews should be subjugated and treated as 2nd class citizens. Well, it’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee. This krav maga hero is a perfect example of who any terrorist will have to deal with in the modern State of Israel.

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