What Obama did with U.S. aid money will shock you

by Leah Rosenberg

What Barack Obama did as president is shameful. The mainstream media doesn’t criticize him, but he put the United States and the world in danger.

Barack Obama as U.S. President

When Obama was president, the leftists turned their heads the other way any time he did something wrong. He was never criticized by liberals, despite putting the United States as well as the rest of the West in grave danger. People still won’t admit the mistakes he made. When President Trump does something RIGHT the world criticizes. The left just can’t imagine that a right wing politician can actually do something good for the world.

And when leftwing politicians do bad for the world, they say nothing.

Examples of Obama’s Foolishness

There are many examples of mistakes that Barack Obama made while he was president of the United States, but here are just a few.

(1) He failed to target terrorism properly, even calling ISIS a “JV team.”

(2) The enemies of the U.S. made a fool of Obama, and no one feared America while he was in power.

(3) The way Obama dealt with Iran was disastrous for Israel and the entire world at large.

And those are just a few of the many, many examples.

The Truth About U.S. Aid Money

Now, there is proof that Obama gave money to an A-Qaeda affiliate. Yes, it seems like it can’t be true. But it is.

Is the world so blind that they can’t see the truth? Do they just ignore anything wrong that Barack Obama does because they blindly “love” him?

Whatever the answer is – whether the world is so ignorant or they just don’t care – the truth is clear. Obama made grave mistakes, to put it lightly.

And that piece of truth is scary.

Arab Incitement
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