Obama’s gift to Iran that just threatened Israel like never before

by Avi Abelow

Past President Barak Obama was an unmitigated disaster for Israel with regards to his multiple blunders and policies vis a vis Iran.

US Drone in the Hands of Iran

Just a few weeks ago, an Iranian stealth drone flew into Israeli airspace. This Iranian drone was not an Iranian invention. Back in December 2011, Iran successfully landed a fully functioning US made Lockheed Martin Sentinel stealth drone –  that it then copied. This was one of the biggest intelligence losses to the USA. At the time, then President Barack Obama asked Iran to return the stealth drone. Obviously, they did not return the drone. Former Vice President Dick Cheney said at the time that the intelligence loss was significant and that the USA should have gone into Iran to retrieve the drone. He said “It would have been a fairly simple operation.”

Instead of honoring Obama’s request to return the drone, Iran stole the intelligence information.  They then reverse engineered it and developed their own stealth drones. It was this drone that was then flown into Israeli airspace that Israel shot down.

A Disastrous Obama Policy Direction

This was only one of the numerous blunders of then President Obama with the Iranian regime.  Obama also handed over to them a total of $1.7 billion in cash!  Much of that money was then transferred to various terror organizations and operations run by Iran around the Middle East. Even according to the State Department, this country is one of the biggest state sponsors of terror in the world. It is beyond boggling that a US President would willingly hand over so much money – in cash – to such a rogue actor on the world state.

His policy direction vis-a-vis Iran began right when he began his first term in office.  In 2009, President Obama offered a “new beginning” on Iranian State TV.  He said very clearly, right from the start, “my administration is committed to diplomacy.”  What he forgot to mention is that he prioritized diplomacy over the most basic priorities of a President.  Instead of doing everything necessary to protect America and the freedom-loving world from the growing threat of Iranian terror and nuclear capabilities, he held talks.

Today, we in Israel are on the frontlines, paying the price for eight years of Obama’s mishandling of Iran. Instead of stopping their terror and nuclear ambitions, he emboldened them.


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