Arab Palestinian hate caught on camera in Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

This Israeli Muslim Arab has a Swastika on the outside of his house and refuses to remove it. He has no problem allowing his hatred for the Jews to remain in full sight for all to see. There are those who say we have nothing to be afraid of Islam. But it is not Islamophobia to fear an Islam that actually educates to hate you.

East Jerusalem

This video was taken in an Arab neighborhood in what is called “East Jerusalem“. Did you know that historically there never was an East or West Jerusalem? The first neighborhood built outside of Jerusalem’s old city walls was built in the late 19th century. Jerusalem was always a united city. It was split for the first time in 1948 when Jordan illegally occupied the Eastern part of the city. Jordan then expelled all the Jews and destroyed all the Jewish homes and Synagogues.

Jerusalem was then split for 19 years.  However, it was reunited again in the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel liberated the Eastern side of the city from the Jordanian occupation.  Jerusalem will never be artificially divided again, and it will remain a free and open city to all under Jewish/Israeli rule.

Arab Neighborhoods

Even the neighborhood of Silwan that people today call “Arab East Jerusalem” was once a Jewish community! Before it was called Silwan, it was known as the Yemenite village because Yemenite Jews lived there in the beginning of the 20th century.  Only after the 1929 riots, when Arabs murdered Jews all over the country, were the Jews then expelled by the British from this neighborhood, with Arabs moving in to their homes.  It is a distortion of fact to say that Jews don’t belong in “Arab East Jerusalem,” because it was Jews who were the first residents of “East Jerusalem!”

Hatred on the Walls

The Arab resident in the video admits that he did not draw the swastika on his wall. But yet he doesn’t remove it either! Why would someone WANT a swastika to remain on his wall?

Once again we see how some in the Muslim community educate to hate Jews. It is not a phobia to fear some aspects of Islam, so no need to listen to people who say “Islamophobia.”


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