A new original single from Yonina brings the night streets of Jerusalem alive

by Phil Schneider

This new original masterpiece is performed on some of the most well-known streets of Jerusalem. Walk through the Old City of Jerusalem, the “shuk”, Jerusalem’s market, and enjoy the depth of the music.

Everyone loves walking through “The Shuk!”  Tens of salespeople scream out prices while multicultural shoppers scurry around.  At the same time, everyone enjoys the beautiful smell of fresh fruits and vegetables wafting through the air.  Just a 15 minute walk away, the Old City brings life to a completely different spiritual dimension.  This song combines both masterfully.


Lyrics Translated

Waiting for you to come, speaking about how everything here is rotten
People burn in the streets, and the Vodka burns our throat
And we run around like a stray dog, searching in the evening for a person to love
While death is sold here for free, and for no reason at all
Because we want a little more blood

These are days of drought, with no vision
They say the “the heavens are masterless
And the land has been given to people, and Cain rules here
Because justice has fallen asleep

Waiting, because it’s all that’s left to do
And to try and be people- in a place ruled by the winds
At nights, I still dare to believe sometimes
And though the days stretch upon years
I will await him each day…

Whispering, you’re taking a while
And in the meanwhile the daemons creep into the heart
With time we get accustomed to the pain, and don’t want to leave this winter
Because we cultivate walls of isolation, and every person thinks
That only his world is being destroyed
Trapped within himself, with no one to share the pain
…the skies above us are a purple-blue, burning-abused
And an old tune is dying in weird dreams about other people
And air between buildings…

The sadness outside is threatening to drown me in the abyss
Why hasn’t he come? Tears and maybe, a glimpse of hope
Too many years…


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