This is why we pray

by Shira Epstein

God created the world in order to give. God doesn’t have any needs. He doesn’t need our prayers. God has everything and He created the world in such a way that man can enjoy the good too. But, in order to enjoy to the true good we need to work for it. We need to come close to God and appreaciate the true good which He gives us. This is why we pray.

This famous parable from the Baal Shem Tov teaches us such an important lesson. Too often in life we ask for immediate results. We want money to pay bills and buy things that will give us physical short term pleasure. We want others to look up to us and see us as the important people. But yet does this truly provide what we need?

If we stop and recognize the greater good in the world, God Himself, we will see that we need to nurture and feed our soul. This is what will provide true happiness. A person can have all the riches in the world and still not be happy. He may always ask for more and see only what he is lacking. However, another person can have nothing. He might be the poorest person in the town and yet he goes around his daily with a smile on his face and seeing all the good.

The answer, although not easy to get to, is to appreciate what we have. To see the good in all that life throws at you and to be able to grow through the challenges that life brings.

If we recognize that God is the One who knows best, we will understand why it is so important to create a close relationship with Him. This is why we pray. We pray to form that relationship. It does not mean that all our prayers will be answered how we would like them to be. But, if we know that God is the One who knows best, then we will learn to smile through those challenges and appreciate all that life brings us, the good and the bad.

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