Destination Debunkers visit the Dead Sea and are not disappointed with what they find

by Phil Schneider

Destination Debunkers is an awesome idea. They literally travel across the entire world and debunk whether or not the well-known destinations are as good as advertised.

Health Benefits

The Dead Sea is one of Israel’s most famous tourist spots. It is called “dead” because it is so salty that no fish can survive in the water.  The mud deposits that are all over the shore of the Dead Sea are world famous. People all over the world purchase creams with minerals from the Dead Sea. Do they have real benefits for the skin? Ask the millions of people who visit the Dead Sea every year. The answer is a definite – Yes.

The most famous aspect of the Dead Sea is of course – floating in the water.

It is impossible to not float in the Dead Sea. The salty content of the Dead Sea simply keeps anyone from sinking.

Anyhow, no one would ever want to stick their face in the Dead Sea anyway. Your eyes will literally burn from the salt.

The Dead Sea is actually drying up, but there are plans to save the Dead Sea. Israel and Jordan will have to coordinate a pipeline to bring water up from the Red Sea.

The Destination Debunkers video clearly is clueless about Israel’s borders. He claims that “Palestine” is actually a country. This is of course wrong. But, we’ll forgive him for not being a political scientist. He’s a world traveler and a very entertaining one at that.

The Dead Sea is truly one of the wonders of the State of Israel and everyone – young and old – ought to visit.  Yes – it is mainly the old who visit – because they are the most concerned with health.  But, your children will also love floating and slobbering mud all over themselves.



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