Kuwaiti Scholar explains how Islamists have ruined the region

by Michael Sax

At his own admission, there are 64 Muslim terror groups fighting in the region. So when looking at Middle East instability, why does the media conveniently ignore this?

Muslim terror groups are hurting Muslims

He lists over sixty terrorist groups in the area. And whether the other speaker is willing to admit it or not, this hurts Muslims. For the most part, it is Muslims killing Muslims. A speaker made a feeble attempt to say they were fighting Jews. But let’s be honest – the hundreds of thousands of people killed by Muslims in Syria are Muslims. Not Jews. So why are there so many Muslim terror groups? Why are they killing each other? Are they so extreme that when they can’t find Jews or Christians to kill, they will murder other Muslims who aren’t as radical as they are?

The reality is that there are many Muslim terror groups. Let’s say that again, because clearly a speaker on the panel didn’t get it the first time. Many. Muslim. Terror Groups. How long will the world close its eyes to reality? As the world is unstable, we look to reasons. Some people blame political leaders. Some people blame the Jews. Others blame it the fact that the USA decided to move its embassy to Israel’s capital city. Yet all of these reasons fail to deal with one crystal clear fact -over sixty Muslim terror groups are killing hundreds of thousands of other Muslims!

The media must – at bare minimum – acknowledge reality. They can’t keep on hiding it. Why do they pretend it doesn’t happen? Why don’t they report on it? We need accurate media. Media that doesn’t lie to us. That doesn’t show fake news. Media that reports on the real stories. And Muslims also need to know the truth. They need to know that violence in the region is caused by Muslim terror groups.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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