NASA Scientist in Jerusalem Invents Groundbreaking Handheld Breast Cancer Detection Device

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli women have done unbelievable things for their country. One of these outstanding women invented a unique device to help women detect breast cancer.

Israeli Women’s contributions

Israeli women are really leaving their positive mark on Israeli society. Indeed, women all over the world can really feel empowered by seeing what an Israeli woman contributes! Considering all the struggles Israel faces, it is inspiring how much women as well as other Israelis have given to improve the world. And despite Israel being such a small country, their contributions are significant.

For example, some women have held high positions in the IDF. Recently, four women have become Israel’s first female tank commanders. That is a milestone in Israeli history as well as history worldwide!

And some women dedicate time to try and help the peace process in Israel. Peace can happen through what these women are doing.

Besides those examples, some women, like Yehudit Abrams, are doing things like helping women detect early breast cancer. What she has developed is really amazing.

Breast Cancer Detection Device

Yehudit Abrams used to be a Nasa biomedical scientist. She now lives in Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world.

Invasive breast cancer will grow in about 1 in every 8 women in the United States. She wants to lower the statistic of how many women die from this disease. Abrams has been developing a handheld portable device that can do monthly breast tissue scanning. The device is genius and above all, empowers women to take health into their own hands. It seems like she has invented something that can really help women and save their lives.


Yehudit Abram’s brand new company, MonitHer, won the $360,000 prize at WeWork awards in Jerusalem. How unbelievable is that?

She said, “Prevention is a daily effort. It’s something that a person really has to take charge of themselves. Doctors practice medicine, but only patients can practice prevention.”

What Abrams is doing is truly special. Most importantly, she is giving women all over the world something to be proud of.

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