The peace that happened between 60 Israeli and “Palestinian” Arab women

by Avi Abelow

Peace between people is possible, Israelis and Arabs can live peacefully together as you see these women together in Israel.

Yes, Living Peacefully is Possible!

So many Jews and Muslims want to live peacefully with one another. We do live peacefully, and we can live peacefully. However, the desire to create a state called “Palestine”, together with the “right of return” demand would do the exact opposite. It is basically a plan to flood Israel with descendants of Arab refugees from 1948.  A true political “peace” is impossible in the near future. The point of the creation of a State called “Palestine” is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. Not to live peacefully with one another.

3 Reasons Why Peace is Impossible

While peace between people is possible, peace between a fake people called “palestinians” and the Jewish people is impossible.

Reason One

The national identity of “palestinians” was created by Yassar Arafat as part of an overall strategy to destroy Israel. The “palestinians” are not a nation. They are a group of Arabs, some who lived here, but most who came from other Arab countries. Yet, today they claim a historic “national” connection to our land in order to destroy Israel.

Reason Two

They educate their children to hate and murder Jews. The following video is a recent kindergarten graduation ceremony in the Gaza strip. So long as children educated this way are alive, it will be extremely hard to achieve a political peace.

Reason Three

The “palestinian” Arabs do NOT recognize the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. They refute that we are the indigenous people of this land and they refute our historical connection with Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This, while Israel has recognized them as a people (even though they are not), and accepted the potential establishment of a state called “Palestine”.

A “peace” deal under those conditions is not a peace deal, but a temporary stage for them to continue the war to destroy us. That  is exact execution of Arafat’s salami approach, one small step at a time until they destroy Israel.

Reason Four

The leadership of the “palestinian” Arabs have said “NO” to every peace plan ever proposed, for 100 years. This should be a clear sign to all that they are NOT truly interested in a true peace.


Living peacefully together is possible.

Two conditions are necessary to make this happen

One: It will only be truly possible when the plan to establish a state called “palestine” is dead. Because living peacefully will only be possible when they give up their plan to destroy Israel, and that is the main goal of “palestine”.

Two: When they finally internalize that the luckiest Muslims in the whole Middle East are those who live in Israel. Only in Israel do all Arabs, Muslims, Bedouin etc. live with full equality and freedoms, unparalleled in any other Muslim country in the Middle East.

Until those two conditions are met, there will continue to be violence, even though people on the ground are interested, and are capable, of living peacefully together.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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