Israel Shoots Down Syrian Drone Over Israeli Airspace

by Avi Abelow

The IDF says the Syrian drone that penetrated Israeli airspace was unarmed and likely on a reconnaissance mission.

Syrian Drone

The drone flew 6 miles into Israeli territory. The IDF was tracking it as it came from Syrian airspace, through Jordanian airspace and then into Israeli airspace.

“After we closely monitored the UAV and ensured that all the necessary conditions were met, we decided to intercept it with one Patriot missile,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International and Social Media Branch.

“Our current understanding was that it was an unarmed Syrian UAV. It appears to have been on an intelligence collection mission,” he said, noting that the military was still investigating the incident.

The IDF spokesman released that “IDF officials are currently unsure if the UAV entered Israeli airspace intentionally. The airspace is dense and it is not uncommon for UAVs from other armies to fly in the region. However, despite the amount of armed forces operating in the area, straying off flight paths is an uncommon occurrence.”

After being shot by a Patriot missile the debris fell in and around the Sea of Galilee. All people in and around the area were ordered to evacuate in order for officials to gather all the remains to determine the model and other relevant information.

Israel’s Northern Border

Lately, Syria, with Russian and Iranian support, has been on a mission to reconquer Southern Syria from the Syrian rebel factions. This latest offensive has been highly successful, with one rebel faction after another surrendering to the Syrian forces. Only one area is still under rebel control, the area of Kuneitra, right on Israel’s northern border.

Israel is very concerned over the status of this border. Iran has a very strong presence in this Syrian offensive. Iran has a stated goal to destroy Israel, and their direct presence on Israel’s Northern border is a huge concern to Israel.

Even with this scary development on Israel’s Northern border, Israel has always been clear that it would only get involved against any actions that threatened Israel.

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