The artist who uses her eyes to create masterpieces

by Leah Rosenberg

Have you ever met an artist who can draw with her eyes? Meet Felicia. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 5 months old. And she’s an artist.

Friendship Circle

Friendship circle is an organization run by the Chabad Hasidic movement where people with various disabilites can thrive in their own way and excel at their own talents. They can meet others who are similar and enjoy their company. The Lubavitcher Rebbe called these people exceptional rather than disabled. And that is the idea in which Friendship Circle is built upon.

But what happens when these individuals outgrow Friendship Circle? The families involved were seeking something more for their exceptional children.

First they had a cafe.

And then Soul Studio was created. That is where all the magic happens. That is where Felicia’s creativity was discovered.

Soul Studio

Soul Studio has helped disabled individuals succeed and do something productive. It is truly amazing to see what these individuals can create. People don’t even realize the talent, but the staff at Soul Studio understand and dig deep inside to help uncover the hidden talents. They see beyond and try to help everyone express himself through art, each in his own way.

Those working at Soul Studio had been trying to uncover Felicia’s talents. She can move her arms, head, and legs, but not in a controlled way. So it was hard for her to fully express herself through art.

The Artist Who Can Paint with Her Eyes

Felicia uses her eye tracker to type out sentences and communicate. The staff at Soul Studio realized she can also draw with her eyes. How many artists can do that? Felicia can. Not only can she draw, but she can create masterpieces – artwork that sells for $14,500. She creates art that shocks everyone who discovers her unbelievable talent.

That is just inspiring.


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