U.S. army makes major buy and gets Israeli tank technology

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli military technology is on the cutting edge. The U.S. army recently made a huge purchase buying Israel’s tank technology.

Israel’s Tank Technology

Israel’s army and defense systems are top quality. The U.S. knows that. The U.S. army bought Israel’s “Trophy” Defense System. The deal is worth 193 million dollars! Israel’s technology is cutting edge, and the U.S. wants their tanks to be of the highest quality. So they turned to Israel. Considering Israel is the only one in the world who has such a system for their tanks, it makes sense that the U.S. has made this huge purchase from Israel. Furthermore, the U.S. military has already been investing in Israeli technology. Buying the “Trophy” Defense System is just one example of the way the U.S. military is investing in Israeli equipment.

The system identifies oncoming anti-tank missiles and releases an interceptor. This is similar to Israel’s Iron Dome.

Iron Dome

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system is unbelievable and saves countless lives. Hamas has been launching rockets from Gaza into Israel almost incessantly for over a decade. So many lives have been cut short due to Hamas and their rocket attacks. But many more lives would have been lost if it weren’t for Israel’s Iron Dome which intercepts incoming rockets that are headed toward civilian populated areas. It is miraculous to see what the Iron Dome does.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention.” This is definitely true for Israel. They are constantly thinking of new technology to improve and defend themselves. Israel has some of the best technology in the world, but it is because they have to. They have no other choice.

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