The Truth about How Hamas Treats the Arabs

by Avi Abelow

Gaza Arabs are being persecuted by their own leadership. Too bad the mainstream media prefers to hide this truth from the world. Gazans need to be free of the oppresion by Hamas. Free Gaza from Hamas!

Yes, you read that correctly. Hamas is stealing gas from the Gaza Arabs!

Here is the craziness of the Gaza story the mainstream media is hiding from you.

Gaza Funds

“The crisis right now is chiefly because PA President Abu Mazen has decided to cut $300 million [to Gaza] and Hamas is unwilling to provide a single dollar to civilians for education and health,” Israeli Defense Minister Liberman said.

“The entire Hamas budget is around $270 million. It is entirely beholden to the production of rockets and tunnels — and we and the international community are asked to give money to Gaza’s residents. It’s absurd. It’s their problem.

Unemployed Job Holders

The Palestinian Authority is the biggest employer in the Gaza Strip.  This is the case even though the Hamas overthrew the PA, and their workers have nothing to do! Yes, you heard that right. 38,000 Gazans work for the Palestinian Authority.  However, they sit at home and do nothing because they were overthrown from power!

Over the past few years the Palestinian Authority has slashed their salaries (for doing nothing) to around 50% of what they used to be. In addition, over the last few months they were withholding much of the salary payments as well.  So, 38,000 people live off of less money than they need to live.

Less money to 38,000 Gazans means less tax revenues for Hamas. Hamas then needs to pay their 40,000 employees, who took over control from the 38,000 Palestinian Authority employees they threw from power.

Cut off the Electricity

In addition to all this, the Palestinian Authority is also to blame for the halt in electricity provided to Gaza. While the world screams at Israel for witholding electricity to Gaza, the truth is that the electric company had to cut down on hours because the Palestinian Authority did not pay the electric bills for a very long time, building up a tremendous multi-million dollar bill to Israel.

On top of all that, it is Hamas today responsible for the low flow of electricity to Gaza because they don’t want to pay their electric bills. So instead of using money to pay for Gazans to have electricity, Hamas uses tens of millions of dollars to build terror tunnels, buy rockets and prepare to kill Jews.

Now we have Hamas actually stealing gas that is meant for the Gazan people.

The bottom line is that the ones responsible for human suffering in Gaza are the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. On the one hand they fight for power between themselves, and in addition they use much needed funds to kill Jews instead of helping their own citizens.

The next time headlines blame Israel for humanitarian crisis in Gaza, please check the facts.  Tell all your friends that the Gazans are being oppressed by their own Palestinian Authority and Hamas leadership. They have other priorities, like killing Jews and blaming Israel for all their problems. And the world prefers to parrot their lies instead of fact-checking.

That is Israel’s reality.

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