Pro-Palestinian group backed by Jeremy Corbyn forced Jewish-owned shops to close

by Leah Rosenberg

Forcing Jewish-owned shops to close down? That sounds too much like Nazi Germany, and it is frightening. This should not be happening in 2019.

Jewish-Owned Shops – UK & Europe

Listening to stories like these is just heartbreaking. But it is more than just a story. It is the reality of too many Jewish-owned shops. Is Europe still a place where Jews cannot live freely? Nissan is not the only one who has experienced such horrific antisemitism in the UK.

Pro-Palestinian groups are trying to intimidate Jewish-owned shops throughout Europe. They are trying to destroy their morale. Make them feel scared, alone, and like they don’t belong. One would hope that politicians would be able to create a change and to stand against antisemitism. But not UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He does not stand against antisemitism – he SUPPORTS it!

Jeremy Corbyn

The main organization that ruined many Jewish businesses in England is called The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Guess who one of the patrons of this antisemitic organization is? None other then Jeremy Corbyn. Although it is well known that Corbyn is a vile antisemite, it is not any less shocking that he has had so much to do with closing down Jewish-owned shops in England.

What will the future of Jews in the UK and Europe look like if this continues? I don’t think anyone wants to wait around and find out. Don’t let these stories become reality anymore. We must put an end to this madness before it is too late.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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